Collage Maker 3.8

A simple and easy tool that allows users to create beautiful collages of images save to desktop

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Collage Maker 3.8
Collage Maker 3.8_

Create a collage using pictures that you have stored.

If you want to view your pictures in a different way or you want to share them with others online in a way that they can see several images at once, then this is a program that you would like to use. The concept is simple. You combine two or more images together to create a collage, similar to how you might make one by putting pictures together on a piece of paper or a piece of cardboard. The program is easy to use and has a simple interface. It doesn't take up a lot of storage, which is a benefit if you want to use multiple programs of the same kind at one time. Unfortunately, the tools needed for editing are very limited. However, there are a few templates available that you can use to get a few unique looks with the collages that you create.

Collage Maker is a program to consider if you want to quickly make a collage for a special event or if you want to share multiple images with other people at one time without a lot of editing. It's ideal for making a large picture with numerous images for a graduation, birthday, anniversary or reunion. There are only a few tabs that you have to deal with when you design your collage. The first tab features menus that allow you to import the images that you want to use to make your collage. Each tab walks you through how to put the pictures together to make your collage. The templates have blank spaces where you can drag your images and place them, previewing what the collage looks like before saving and sharing. Click on the images you want to use with the automatic collage maker so that you don't have to do as much of the designing.


  • Simple to use
  • Automatic creation of collage
  • Templates to use


  • Not many editing tools
  • Can't easily change margins

The Collage Maker application lets users combine a number of different images into a single unified picture. The free program has a relatively simple interface and takes up little room on the average system. Unlike a full-sized image-editing program, Collage Maker has only limited editing tools, but it performs its intended role well. The program's large selection of pre-made collage options can serve as inspiration or a starting point for new users. This application is a good choice for people who want to create collages quickly without the need to fuss with every element's placement or work with tangible craft supplies and photographs.

Starting Collage Maker brings up an initial window that allows users to select a number of options. The first tab lets you email or print a collage or export a file for professional processing. Each of these choices sets the resolution of your workspace. Other tabs give you options to set the dimensions of the finished collage in inches or pixels, select a layout and choose pre-made templates. The flexibility these options give is fairly good, but the set margin sizes on collages can feel limiting to some users.

Building a collage in the application involves loading pictures from the hard drive and positioning them on the canvas. You can fill the background of your collage with a texture or pattern and surround it with a decorative border. Rotate, resize or tint images to suit your creative impulses with an intuitive selection of editing tools. A surprisingly complex text editor lets you add captions or headlines in a wide range of fonts and any color. Add drop shadows, rotate your text or embellish it with unique clip art via the stamp tool.

Collage Maker comes with plenty of pre-set templates and auto-collage features. The templates have transparent spaces for images against a pre-drawn backgroun. Using the templates is as easy as clicking on the open areas and inserting a photograph; the system automatically crops it to size. With the auto-collage feature, users can automate the process and select a list of images to sort into the open spaces on the collage template. The results of the auto-collage function can be mixed, but for a quick short-cut, an idea generator or a way to involve young children in the process, it's a fun feature.

Collage Maker is a good tool for anyone who wants a simple way to combine photographs or images. The clip art and templates included with the program can be somewhat expected and sometimes downright unattractive, but you aren't constrained to using them. The auto-collage feature is quite limited, and the results sometimes look mechanical. Despite these issues, Collage Maker is a solid program for creating images or banners for any occasion.


- Simple to use with a straightforward interface

- Good number of templates

- Automatic collage options


- Many included templates are not attractive

- Limited photo-editing tools

- No way to specify margins

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